The Tradition Of Attending College

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The tradition of attending college has changed over the past fifty years. Previously, college was provided to those privileged students who wanted to receive an education beyond high school. Today this still remains the case, but now most teenagers attend college to ensure and strengthen their future. In today’s society, a college degree does not even promise a successful job, but it still serves as a social norm. For some, college is not even an option due to their financial status, and for others, the “college life” does not seem to suit them. In my perspective, those who drop out, overstress, and become overwhelmed in college become this way because they were not fully prepared in their previous school years. High school simply does not…show more content…
Huffington Post writes, “…four in 10 high school graduates are required to take remedial courses when they start college…and fail to earn their degrees within six years” (Kuczynski-Brown). An article posted by The Wall Street Journal complements this argument by saying “The number of college students taking at least one remedial course rose to 2.7 million in the 2011-2012 academic year from 1.04 million in 1999-2000…” (Mitchell). An article published by SAGE reported that “Of U.S. students in a 4-year colleges, 40% take at least one remedial course, an act associated with a higher likelihood of not completing a college degree. As more students take remediation, fail to be retained, and enter underprepared for credit-bearing courses, investigating college readiness is increasingly important” (Tierney). All of the following articles support the idea I propose. Looking at the amount of students taking remedial courses once they enter a post-secondary institution can show proof of the lack of preparation. Instead of building upon the knowledge they have already gained from high school, they now have to participate in remedial courses that will refresh the basics. Students have dreams to go to college and unfortunately they are not prepared for what college has in store. High school and college. Two very close transitions with very little time in between them. High school does not become crucial until junior
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