The Tradition Of Golf And Golf Essay

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Tradition of Golf
For years, golf has been one of the oldest and most traditional sports. As the equipment and golf courses have changed, the etiquette and rules have not. In golf, etiquette has been a major part of the game. Staying quiet on the course and repairing divots are a few examples of proper formality. Common rules include teeing the ball between the tee markers and marking your ball on the green. Along with these guidelines, there are rules that are controversial and seem unfair to golfers.
Golf has changed a lot since it first started in 1297, where a leather ball was hit into a hole and the fewest strokes won. The golf clubs and balls have changed significantly and the number of options for clubs has increased as well. They have gone from wooden drivers to drivers made of complex blends of elements that make the ball fly higher and farther. Since the golf clubs and balls have all been improved, it’s a surprise that some of the rules haven’t been changed to make the game fairer.
As a college golfer, I play the game and encounter situations where the rules can seem unfair and frustrating. The same goes with all other golfers, they have been in the same situations where the game punishes you for hitting a good shot. I’ve realized that we don’t have a voice in changing the rules in the game of golf. I’ve also discovered that the game will most likely stay the same and not change any of the rule. A big part of the game is knowing that you’re going to catch bad
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