The Tradition Of Music Through The People Of A Sardinia Runs Deep, And Lortat Jacob

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In Sardinian Chronicles, Bernard Lortat-Jacob seeks to explain Sardinian music through the people involved in the creation of it. The tradition of music in Sardinia runs deep, and Lortat-Jacob shows the importance it has to the residents of the island. Many lives are defined completely by music, and these people are the ones in which Lortat-Jacob focuses in on to study. Deeper than this though, the author shows how a rich and dynamic scene is affected by the powerful marching of time. Particularly in the monograph, a vignette regarding the residence and life of a Sardinian craftsman named Attilio, this affliction is shown. The article shows how the Sardinian musical culture has succumb to the aging process. The fragility of a tradition is emphasized through a rich character portrayal and inferred admiration. Thick description is the method in which Lortat-Jacob arrives at his conclusions, or more accurately, his notable lack of them. Such a vivd, descriptive way of writing lends itself to unique interpretation by each reader individually. By including himself, Lortat-Jacob shies away from the empirical tradition of ethnography and emphasizes the importance of the character. The narrative style allows the author to vividly describe the events to the reader while still maintaining an interesting, engaging purpose. These methods show that the author has opted for a more wholesome, modern view of culture and ethnography. Objectivity is not needed, just a simple set of…

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