The Traditional American Family

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The traditional American family can be traced back to the aggressive marketing in the 1950’s. The image of a white, middle class family owning a moderate sized home with a well-kept lawn. The father is the head of the household who would teach his kids all the life lessons and be the only source of income by working a white collar, corporate job. The mother would stay at home in a full skirt and heels looking after the kids, preparing meals, and taking care of the house. The kids, usually two, would be well behaved and well dressed. This view of the family is narrow and rigid, but through aggressive media portrayals has come to be viewed as normal and ideal. Shows such as “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father knows best” reinforced that idea of a good family eating together at dinner, praying together, and being proud of the nation. Today, that ideal family image still holds its place in today’s culture, but there has been a dramatic shift from that ideal to a more diverse representation of the American family. The tradition family has become a sort of fairy tale that can never be achieved. It is now more common to see both parents working to support the family, more women are breaking into the workforce and even fathers are staying home to be the caretaker. A closer look at the data from suggests the traditional family ideal failed to be widely accepted and instead media outlets are scrambling to capture the image of the modern family. Background Information This evolution of
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