The Traditional Roles of Women in the 1970´s

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According to Courtney and Lockeretz (1971) they believed the adverts they reviewed reflected the following stereotypes of women. Women were portrayed as being home-makers, only being dependent on men, sex objects for men and not being able to make important decisions (Wenner and Jackson, 2009). One way adverts have portrayed women is stereotypically, emphasising on the importance of women looking pretty, the traditional roles of being a good housewife and mother. In 1950’s, adverts depicted women always at home and being a good housewife, cleaning, cooking and serving dinner, trying to impress their husbands and enjoying the latest kitchen appliance. The adverts may have promoted these certain topics as in the 1950’s the women were supposed to be a caring mother, homemaker, dutiful wife. Many women did not work as majority of jobs were just advertised for men and the ones who did work were paid substantial less than men.
Wagner and Banos (1973) looked at adverts from 1972 issues of the same magazines that Courtney and Lockeretz (1971) analysed. Wagner and Banos reported that the percentage of employed women shown in the adverts had increased from 9% to 21%. Furthermore, Lysonski (1983) examined the portrayal of women in printed magazines adverts. He also analysed printed advertisements between 1974/1975 and 1979/1980. He found that women were represented…
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