The Traditionalist Political Subculture And The Moralistic Subculture

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The traditionalist political subculture is the luke-warm fine line between the individualistic and moralistic political subcultures. In the same way as the moralistic subculture, the common good of the citizens is aimed, but like in the individualistic subculture, the market place is emphasized as well. In the traditionalist subculture, it is known that power comes from the societies elite. Citizens are not influenced and encouraged to vote, but instead step back and remain stagnant. In the beginning of the up rise of Texas, the traditionalist political subculture focused on plantation owners and agriculture in general. Present-day, rural areas are having a drastic shift and becoming urbanized. The grand majority of Texas is now urban,…show more content…
Voter participation is solely depended on interest groups that obtain the resources to become dominant. Till this day, Texas is known to look out for its benefits. If a person wants to get rich, they invest or move into Texas. Self-interest and money are major keys in Texas politics, making it a continuous traditionalist state. Texas is for the most part hostile towards taxes and refuses to meet the concurrent standard. Texas is known to uplift personal growth to those who step out of their comfort zone and take action into what they want to do. Drastic changes in population growth, lack of education, aging population, regressive taxes and public service demand sometimes make it hard for individuals to look out for their self-interest and rise above the predicted standard. Usually those who do look out for their benefit are those that are not even Texas made. Texas takes its luke warm advantage and inclines towards its individualistic side for this aspect of its political culture. Self-interest mainly and ultimately revolves around its business aspect towards society. In a sense, this can be looked upon as survival of the fittest. Those who “pull themselves by the boot straps” are the ones that will succeed in a state where everything is known to be bigger and better. Since the early ages of the first Texas constitution being written

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