The Traditions And How My Family Have Brought Them From The United States

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Have you ever thought about how to learn about Chaldean culture? This paper will provide you the reader with this knowledge. I will discuss Chaldean traditions and how my family have brought them to the United States. The Chaldean tradition derives from the ancient civilization and though it has little change my family is very fortunate to practice this unique culture. We as a family lived in the Middle East (Iraq “majority”, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran …), and nowadays are spread all over the world after the recent wars and challenges in the region that they live, especially those of Iraq. The Chaldean community like myself have migrated to the United States and live in two major Cities (Detroit in Michigan, and San Diego in California. The majority of Chaldeans like my family and I that have lived in USA came from the Northern part of Mesopotamia in a small village called, “Tilkef”. I am a Chaldeans like many of my relatives that are Christian Catholics, and we speak a language of Aramaic (The language that Jesus was speaking), which is also called Chaldean. The Aramaic is one of the oldest, continually spoken languages in the world. People think that Arabic and Chaldean languages are the same thing, actually they are nothing alike, and you will not be able to understand Arabic just because you speak Chaldean. I can speak both of these two different languages, and the use of this language is only because the Chaldean used to live with the Arab people for hundreds of
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