The Trafficking Of A Global Economy

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Human trafficking in a global economy has resulted in the commodification of human souls. In this nomenclature of institutionalized proliferation of terror in a post-conflict, post-communist democratized Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), the trafficking of women has become a manifestation of the grosser changes evolved by globalization in the mainstream market culture of the sex trade. As Bosnia entered into bloodshed with the members of former Yugoslavia between the years of 1992-1995, the ‘cleansing’ of non-Serbs from Bosnian territory would later be known as one of the largest massacres and acts of genocide in history (Srebrenica). Leaving the nation so tattered by post-war reconstruction, political decentralisation and finally Alija…show more content…
Further, with Bosnia’s postsocialist change, pornographic directors, brothel owners and ‘pimps’ seeking new talent for sex tourism amongst others, congregated to the war torn states to sell, buy and negotiate other business deals with former Yugoslavs desperately seeking to improve their own circumstances . Another factor that greatly influenced the influx of trafficking in Eastern Europe has been the rearrangement of the international labor market and of social inequalities including nationality, gender, race, class and citizenship that have differentially shaped this ‘reorganisation’ of the labor market . It is cofounding how essential class is as a variable in sex trafficking, subdivided into the following: poverty, urban and rural areas. In this crossroads of east and west and with the fall of Balkan territories it suddenly became easier and cheaper to move women from Eastern to Western Europe . As traffickers capitalized on porous borders and relied on political and military instability to glide across states without interruption, allow traffickers to create supply chains to satisfy the growing demands for sex workers across the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The gendered nature of the trade conceptualizes from laws, customs and taxes that have historically and universally disseminated the economic exploitation of female sex work . This gender-biased discrimination often
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