The Trafficking Of Women And Children

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Project work

This aim of this study is to explore the trafficking of women and children in Europe for the purpose of commercial sex exploitation(CSE).Women and Children have been victims of trafficking for the sole purpose of commercial sex and other forms of exploitation all over the world and in EU in particular, these has made them vulnerable and also has become a potential threat to them (UNODC, 2010)Human trafficking involves trading human beings for various forms of exploitation of with sex is one of the predominate form of children are found all over EU working as prostitute for money. In some EU countries it has been noticed that some men do consent for their wife and children to be exploited for commercial sex and other forms of exploitation. Women and children that falls victims to human trafficking for the purpose of commercial sex exploitation are regarded as commodity and are used roughly by the person that has paid for their service. There are so many forms of exploitation that comes with human trafficking like forced labour, begging and smuggling. It’s not only undeveloped nations that are involved in human trafficking for exploitation for various forms; some of developed nations are also involved. Human Trafficking have been recorded and witness in almost all the countries of the world. (UNODC, 2010).
Human trafficking has been a serious crime and will be a serious crime that many European countries have been combating today; until something concrete is…
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