The Tragedy Of Chattanooga Left

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The tragedy in Chattanooga left "… officials deeply concerned that the military [appeared] to be a target. Again, an act of terrorism…,” (Pierre Thomas). On July 16, 2015, Mohammed Abdulazeez opened fire at two military facilities; investigators searched for a motive that could have driven the twenty four year old to take five lives (Truesdell 48). At 10:45, one Thursday morning, the gunshots erupted through the town of Chattanooga. Gunshots exploded from the inside of a car with Mohammed directed at the U.S army recruiting center. A clerk, Fred Wright, heard the pops from a nearby auto parts store, then saw the staff fleeing to the brush (Truesdell 48). Members of the staff cried out, "Call 911, someone is shooting at us!"(Truesdell 48). The shooter disappeared from the scene, and he was found ten miles away aiming and firing at the Navy Operational Support Center and the Marine Corps Reserve Center (Truesdell 48). Abdulazeez was more than prepared when he crashed his car into a gate and, wearing a body armor vest, advanced with his weapons, and on foot he advanced toward Marines who were conducting an inventory of equipment (Truesdell 48). Four bodies collapsed to the ground. The four men courageously died before Abdulazeez was killed by a police sniper; later, a Navy man died due to his injuries (Truesdell 48). Unquestionably, this was a tragedy that should not have happened. It left many with the question of why. Abdulazeez’s parents told investigators, "the person
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