The Tragedy Of Detroit, The Motor City

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Detroit, the motor city, known by many for cars and to others for being the murder capital of the world. This has caused many people to stop visiting and exclude Detroit from being a place of interest. I have lived here all my life, and yes, it has had its rough times, but lately Detroit has been improving drastically. The causes of the city to improve were to make people already living here feel safer. Moreover, to change our illustration as one of the most dangerous cities. In addition to this we want people to start visiting again and to see the metamorphosis that has struck our city. Many recent changes brought to our city have been architectural, criminal rates precipitating and film making. The city as a whole has been working…show more content…
Before police began patrolling more often no one would do this due to the fear that someone would rob them. Many people had terrible experiences in front of their children or even by themselves as they exercised. Local, State, and Federal agencies have contributed together on a mission known as Detroit One and they made arrests of 33 suspects of gang affiliated members known as Latin counts. “Police would not say how many Latin Counts members remain or how the arrests will impact the gang 's operations, but they did say this joint effort to root out violent criminals has resulted in more than 140 arrests in the last year alone” (Schwartz). A Fox 2 news reporter wrote this in a news article for a live broadcast report in July to the residents of Southwest Detroit. Revitalizing the city has not been easy, but police are now on their duty to serve and protect. More importantly, it is good to see that the law enforcement has joined the revitalization of Detroit; furthermore, building and landscape have also added to the development of the city. Detroit lately has been renovating the city and making it look really enthralling. Apart from renovating certain buildings downtown they have also constructed new ones. They have been emphasizing on the downtown area very explicitly. If you take a look downtown at some landscape areas from past years they are not the same anymore. Take for example the Detroit river walk. Before, it used to be very plain and
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