The Tragedy Of Hamlet As A Literary Criticism Written By Rene Girard

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Analytical Essay Assignment The drama, “Hamlet belongs to the genre of the revenge tragedy”. In “Hamlet’s Dull Revenge”, which is a literary criticism written by Rene Girard, the author explores the relationship between revenge and catharsis? This revenge tragedy play focusses on Hamlet’s ability to delay achieving revenge for his father’s death, and suggests that his delays are not external or circumstantial, but rather internal. The author examines the reader’s frustrations about Hamlet’s delay to avenge his father’s death, and since violence and his need for revenge is what motivates Hamlet to perform certain actions in this play, it could be argued that these two actions has sealed his destiny for the future. The fact that Hamlet believed that Claudius killed his father, a violent act , and he waited to seek revenge affirms that Shakespeare believed, that in order to perform revenge, the aggressor must first believe in the guilt of his or her intended victim, thereby establishing a cause for carrying out the appropriate form of justice. Revenge is often a violent response or anger or injury against someone. Violence is the root cause of revenge that has impacted much of Hamlet’s life and has also robbed him of his integrity. After Hamlet’s father is killed, he falls into s deep depression and appears to grow mad. Then, Hamlet develops a scheme to find out if his uncle, Claudius is really guilty of murdering his father, the king. Seemingly, Claudius fails the

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