The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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N. Julian

A tragedy is a dramatic work that is about a character whose tragic flaw leads to his downfall and to the demise of many of the other characters. William Shakespeare was a playwright during the Elizabethan Era who was made famous for his literary works of tragedies, comedies and sonnets. One of Shakespeare?s most renowned tragedies is Hamlet. In this classic tragedy the protagonist, Hamlet, pursues revenge and seeks justice against the antagonist, Claudius, for the murder of King Hamlet. As a result of his pursuits, Hamlet, his family, and most of his acquaintances all meet the same demise: death. Through the characters in Hamlet, Shakespeare incorporates the concept of how often the thoughts and actions of people can be contradictory to their true motives. Shakespeare?s Hamlet contains the reoccurring themes of disguise and deceit; the deceitful actions of Claudius cause the other characters to disguise their thoughts, actions, and emotions. In Act I, scene IV, a supernatural figure appears to young Hamlet and he is quite shaken because the figure looks frighteningly familiar to him. ?Be thy intents wicked or charitable, / Thou comest in such a questionable shape, / That I will speak to thee.?[endnoteRef:2] ?Hamlet questions if the Ghost could be the ghost of his dead father or a demon in disguise. The Ghost claims that one night while he was alive and sleeping in the garden, Claudius poured poison into his ear which killed him. Claudius then spread
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