The Tragedy Of Jacob And The Princes

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Everything went silent. Everyone was staring at me with shock. I can feel the guilt come off of them in waves.

"Let her go," Prince Coby whispers quietly. So quietly that not many people could hear it, including the executioner. A moment later after realizing the executioner didn 't hear Coby yells angrily, "Let her go!"

The executioner flinches but quickly after he lets me up. I crawl to my shaky feet.

I look around at everyone but as soon as I meet the gaze they look down in shame. I look at Jacob. I let my betrayal and hurt shine through. He looks at me and then at the ground.

"Morganne I wanted to tell you but-" Jacob began but before he could finish what he was saying I did the only logical thing I could think of at the moment. I ran.

I sprint in the opposite direction of Jacob and the Princes. I push through the crowd, desperately trying to get away from the crazy show behind me.

I feel someone grab my wrist and yank me to their familiar chest. I look up and realize that the person is Jacob.

"Let me go!" I scream while pounding on his chest as hard as I can. He wraps his muscular arms around my arms to stop me from pounding on his chest. He starts to drag me inside the castle. The whole time he is I kick and scream, trying to get him to let me go or at least loosen his grip.

He drags me into a giant room with 3 desks in it. he carefully sets me down in a chair that is in front of the Princes. I quickly stand up to leave but get pushed back into the chair by…

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