The Tragedy Of Joseph Lambert And His Men

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Colonel Lambert and his men were feeling a bit train fever they had been cooped up for days on the train. They had been moving slowly through northern Virginia the tracks had been blocked, removed or even destroyed purposely. The only reason people had blocked the tracks was because for some reason camps had built up around them, perhaps because they were open areas that had already been cleared. Maybe because it brought back memories of another time but people built camps right over them. People were surprised to see the huge black behemoth in same cases barreling down on them, one of the reasons they had slowed down a bit. There was one instance where they had plowed through one camp in the middle of the night, damn near killed everyone and those that survived needless to say weren’t happy, they kept moving. They also started to find pieces of track missing no doubt people using it as building material or to melt it down for other reasons unknown to the Colonel. For the time being it was ok they had replacement rails and the men had been trained on how to replace them. They had been stopping and rebuilding water towers and clearing stations. They had to continue to cut wood for fuel, which in some cases caused confrontations with some locals who felt that they were infringing on their resources. Once Colonel Lambert explained, generally at gun point, that all of these resources belonged to the United States government. If they had a problem with it they could

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