The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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The play the Tragedy of Julius Caesar was written and produced by one of the most famous play writers in history, William Shakespeare. The play started with the controversy over Caesar and his power as the roman emperor. Cassius one of the senators for Rome had suspicion over Caesar over the thought of him becoming a dictator for having too much power. Brutus his best friend was convinced later on by Cassius, who sneaked false letters of the roman citizen about Caesar’s power and ambition. This resulted in Brutus stabbing his best friend and ruler, this caused chaos in the streets of Rome coming to Brutus’ death. Shakespeare explains how Brutus is the tragic hero with literary terms such as metaphors and Blank. Some people may say that Caesar is the tragic hero, but his ambitions and ego get in the way of doing what’s best for Rome, so some people may say otherwise. An example of Caesar’s ego is when he said, “ I am constant as the Northern Star”, this means that Caesar believes that he is so important that everything revolves around him. This also means that he can’t be moved and he thinks his choice is right and doesn’t want to hear anyone else out. An example of Caesar’s ambition is saying, “ Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much: such men are dangerous”, this shows how he fears the educated, the ones who will act out when Caesar tries to become the dictator. He resents people who will stop his fame and glory, the ones who grow with

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