The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, is the telling of a tragic tale that encompasses the necessities needed to showcase the impact king Duncan’s death has as the play develops. As the play evolves, it conveys Macbeth’s overwhelming loss for power, showcasing how this fatal flaw leads to his destruction. After murdering king Duncan and taking the throne of Scotland, Macbeth becomes a tyrant and it is displayed how significantly traumatised he becomes by his decision. The play emphasises Duncan’s death in order to display the importance of it as the turning point to the play. The murder of the Scotland king provides the opportunity to display the changes in Macbeth’s persona, ultimately leading to the Kingdom 's ruins. The development of the play 's themes is majorly due to the aftermath of Macbeth 's unrelenting decisions. Through the characters actions and personalities, the change and affect of the murder is very evident. It is displayed through the ranges of constant alteration in Macbeth’s persona, the development of major themes, and the influences of actions changing the characters personalities that a turning point in the play is given through the death of Duncan.

The death of king Duncan causes Macbeth’s new personality to alter, ultimately leading to the destruction of his kingdom. For instance, after Macbeth assumes the throne, he tightens his grip on Scotland and acts to destroy any opposition to his rule. For example, in act of complete depravity, Macbeth
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