The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare is one the greatest writer of all time. Writing hundreds of books and scripts, Shakespeare founded his most success in his plays in the 1589-1613. One of his most popular plays is the Tragedy of Macbeth. The Tragedy of Macbeth was a turn from glory to tragedy. A story of a true tragic hero. Macbeth is a brave soldier in a war for Scotland. A tale of a great soilder that was highly praise in his kingdom turn to a tragic murderous sinful king. Macbeth kill his friends and his king to take the throne and power to fulfill a witches prophet .The focus of Macbeth’s tragic story is self ambition,his unrelentless guilt, greediness , and poor judgement. All serve a purpose to macbeth destruction to his future,family,and himself. The self ambition of macbeth to have everything he ever want and more. Macbeth unrelentless guilt turn him led to a mental death. Greediness of macbeth led to unreturning action. Poor judgement to kill his friends and king. Macbeth 's fatal fate and dishonor corrupted his future and his mind.
Macbeth’s ambition deceit this hero to turn to the downfall of his reign ”Macbeth is an ambitious noble who is told three witches called weird sisters whom we encountered on a deserted heath, that he will be king(McClinton-temples jennifer).” The witches made macbeth 's ambition grow to become a king and hail him as so .Even though , macbeth was a highly praise soldier in his kingdom and Thane of Cawdor. With all the glory, Macbeth want to
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