The Tragedy Of Medea Is No Different

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Throughout many stories we always see the males at a powerful position and the women tend to be the over bearing crazy type. Whenever something goes wrong we as the audience are always quick to blame to female or say it’s because she having a mental break down. The tragedy of Medea is no different. We all assume that Medea took her rage and acted out in an awful way due to no fault of anyone else. But the truth is that if it wasn’t due to Jason’s selfishness and betrayal to Medea, she would have never acted in the manner that she did, and the blame is to fall upon Jason. The story of Medea starts off with Jason being sent to steal the Golden Fleece from Medea’s homeland. Through his journey Medea helps him recover the fleece by betraying her family and even having her own brother killed. Medea leaves with Jason and returns to Corinth where they marry and have two sons. Medea is betrayed by Jason when he leaves her for the Princess of Corinth, which in return she releases her rage upon Jason and his new fiancé. By breaking down this story we can see all the key points, all starting with Jason, on the progress to Medea’s rage and her ultimate sacrifice of her children. From the beginning we she Medea take a strong affection to Jason, a handsome stranger that has arrived to gain the Golden Fleece. Medea makes a deal with Jason to help him get the fleece if he promises to marry her. Jason agrees and uses Medea’s power to get what he wants. Right here is where we first see

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