The Tragedy Of Oedipus ' Oedipus Rex '

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It is the tragic combination between Oedipus’ irrevocable circumstances as well as his flawed character that makes Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” a quintessential example of Greek drama. His circumstances, which are set by the Gods, are profound and beyond anyone’s control; either he must be killed or there will be great consequences. His parent’s rejection of the oracle set by the gods, the degrees of separation from his origin, and his flawed sense of pride is the complexity of the plot as well as what makes Oedipus the complex main character. There is an apparent clash between his sense of pride, known as hubris, and the pre- established circumstances that brings Oedipus’ to his tragic decline, known as catharsis. In the case of “Oedipus Rex”, his decline to tragedy began at birth. Apparently, the gods already knew that
Oedipus is flawed by his sense of pride. This is one example of the relationship between man and God in ancient Greek culture, gods were all knowing and have great influence on humans. It is indicated in the play that Oedipus’ parents made the first mistake by not following through with the oracle. It is indicated in a dialogue between Oedipus and the Shepherd: Shepherd: It was said that the boy would kill his own father Oedipus: Then why did you give him over to this old man? Shepherd: I pitied the baby my king/ And I thought that this man
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