The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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throughout the play. I think Vogel writes this in to bring attention to bifurcation between women of opposing views.
The trust and betrayal among women that sometimes plague women’s relationship with each other is tackled headlong in this adaptation. Emilia, an active participant in the tragedy of Desdemona is perceived as a loyal friend though she gets deceived by Desdemona. The idea that women cannot be true friends is a central theme to the play. Emilia says to her mistress, "there 's no such thing as friendship between women," and she plays that out by stealing the handkerchief while helping to look for it. Emilia betrays Desdemona because of a man she professes to despise. She steals the handkerchief and helps Desdemona to look for it in between banters about their marriages and the size of their husbands’ penises.
Women in the Renaissance period are expected to be chaste and shamefaced, but Vogel allows these women to fully express their sexual fantasies. Emilia seems to be the only one with the holier-than-thou attitude of some puritan women. Desdemona on the other hand is enamored with Bianca and her freedom. She expresses it to Emilia saying “I lie in the blackness of the room at her establishment… on sheets stained and torn by countless nights – men of different sizes and smells and shapes…spill their seed into me. I close my eyes and in the dark of my mind-oh, how I travel” (Adaptations 242-243). She is nothing close to the loyal wife of Othello in
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