The Tragedy Of Shaun And Kevin Healey Were Born Identical Twins

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On May 27th, 1974 Shaun and Kevin Healey were born identical twins. When people hear the word identical twins, they assume both children will be the same. Kevin and Shaun would probably have the same condition if the oxygen supply during Shaun’s birth hadn’t been interrupted causing him to have a Grand Mal Seizure. Because the seizure caused Shaun to have brain damaged he showed symptoms of Autism, and was diagnosed at the age of 18. Kevin knew that he didn’t think or act like most of the people around him, but he could never explain during his childhood why he felt so different until now. When Kevin and Shaun were born, there wasn’t much known about autism and in 1974 the information available about autism wasn’t enough to diagnose them as infants. After they were born Kevin and Shaun’s parents noticed that Shaun cried very loudly while Kevin stayed quiet. At the age of two Shaun was diagnosed with learning disabilities being the genetic term of autism in 1976. He had trouble sitting up; holding on to things, refusing to wear clothes, enjoyed playing by himself, and didn’t respond when his name was called. This proved to the doctor that Shaun wasn’t going to develop like a normal baby. However, Kevin’s difficulties were at nursery where his mother knew there was something different about him. Kevin would constantly wash his hands, and wanted his surrounding areas neat and tidy. It also became hard for him to socialize with people. His parents and nursery staff members

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