The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Antigone

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Antigone Antigone was written in 441 BC by the Greek playwright Sophocles. The play is set in the ancient city of Thebes. Women were not recognized of importance in ancient Athens, so in turn they were not allowed to attend the plays and any character that was a woman was to be played as a man, wearing a mask. Sophocles wrote many other great Greek tragedies including Odeipus the King. In the prequel to Antigone, Odeipus the King, Odeipus is born as a curse. His parents went to the oracle and received terrible news about their son, Odeipus. Odeipus would soon kill his father and lay with his mother. To prevent this, his parents dropped Odeipus off in the woods as a child but he still managed to survive. Years later he is walking on the outskirts of Thebes and he runs into his father, they have a thrown down and Oedipus kills his father, completing the first half of the prophecy the oracle foretold. Shortly after Thebes recognizes Oedipus as a worthy leader and is elected king. And with tradition he must marry the queen of Thebes, his mother, completing the second half of the prophecy. Odeipus later then finds out the truth that he in fact killed his father, the king of Thebes, and is married to his mother and has committed fornication. Oedipus gouges his eyes out stating “Don’t tell me what I’ve done is not the best. And from now on spare me your advice If I could see, I don’t know how my eyes could look at my own father when I come to Hades or could see my wretched mother.
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