The Tragedy Of The Apollo 1

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“We’ve got a bad fire let’s get out. . . . We’re burning up.” (Roger B. Chaffee Quotes) The tragedy of the Apollo 1 will haunt our history forever, and though, three brave, American men were lost in the tumult of that day, they put us a small step closer to the moon, and one giant leap closer to a proud America. Forever remembered will be the catastrophe of 1967, our hearts continue to beat red, white, and blue. The Apollo 1 flight had been scheduled for take off on February 21, 1967, an unimaginable tragedy brought those plans to a halt. During a routine pre-flight test astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward H. White, and Roger Chaffee were killed in an unforeseen and brutal fire. It all began with a strange smell, one of the men reported early…show more content…
In the Korean War, Gus Grissom served one-hundred missions as an air force test pilot, for his service and bravado he received the Air Medal with cluster, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Grissom had been in space before the Apollo 1 mission. Once in July of 1961 with Project Mercury, he piloted a suborbital flight in the Liberty Bell 7, an American spacecraft. The next time, in 1965, Grissom was commander of Gemini III and had been given a chance to orbit Earth three times. Edward Higgins White also had pre-Apollo 1 space experience. Ed White, as he was commonly known, had been born November 14, 1930 in San Antonio, Texas, as the Nasa History website states, “Others, however, were ‘actually born into flying.’ Edward White fell into this category. For Ed White, flying was not merely a hobby, fascination or job. Flying was his . His father was a West Point graduate who served in the United States Air Force. Ed White’s father became known as a pioneer in aeronautics, beginning his military career by flying U.S. Army balloons. By the time he retired from the Air Force, White 's father had earned the rank of major general.” White was an overachiever and had high goals. He found a quote one day then, consequently decided to become an astronaut, stating, “The article was written with tongue in cheek, but something told me: this is it - this is the type of thing you 're cut out for. From then on everything I did seemed to be preparing me for spaceflight.” Ed White also

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