The Tragedy Of The Hall

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The hall was alive with an excitement that was practically euphoric, but very few could say as to why. Those chosen few who knew the reason, were the fathers of some of the fortunate girls who had gained the attention of one very special young lady. And, those particular fathers’ wasn’t excited for the same reason as the young boys and those young men who were unassociated within the room. Someone had let it slip that the reason why there were no young ladies within the reception hall when they had arrived was so they could make a grand entrance that would be epic. By how the elongated high ceiling room was decorated, epic was only half of the story. Servants in formal black tie and tails, white gloves, and smoothly moving around carrying silver trays with all manner of expensive, exotic, and mouthwatering appetizers of the finest order was being offered. Long tables off to the side with servers and bartenders dressed just as formal insuring those who couldn’t wait for a servant to bring them some refreshments were prepared to accommodate them. There was one thing out of the ordinary, and no one dared commit on what they knew was true. There was a large round table in the center of the ballroom surrounded by security. There was no need for speculation as to who this special area was for. Oh, but just the majesty of the room by itself caused any within the walls to show the utmost respect and dust off manners of the highest caliber. This was especially true for
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