The Tragedy Of The Holocaust

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Through the years, people have endured drastic hardships through their societal experiences; however, the holocaust seems to be the huge adversity to overcome. The holocaust has taught the society many things; although the world has not exactly learned from the experiences entirely. The holocaust is a learning experience still today, so that this generation will not repeat the same drastic measures. Many people today seem to think that the holocaust never happened; in spite of this, there are those that disagree. I have had the opportunity to listen to a firsthand account of the tragedy that happened several years ago, Marion Blumenthal Lazan wrote the Four Perfect Pebbles, and I had the opportunity to listen to her my freshmen year of high school. Though, I have had the experience of listening to her story, she is not the only one that is telling the experience that was encountered. Even though the Holocaust was in War World II, the Nazi regime did not come into effect until Adolf Hitler was established as the dictator of Germany. Hitler’s ant-Semitism for the Jews lead to one of the biggest massacres in history , but it was because it was the center of his mental war . Though he was a German dictator, he was not seen as a typical German, he did not have blonde hair and blue eyes, he was born into an Austrian family. “Once Hitler assumed power he gradually began to impose regulations that persecuted the Jews and introduced his racist ideology in which Aryans were

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