The Tragedy Of The Holocaust

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Tragic events strike the world in many different forms; from simple shootings to ethnic genocides. Although theses acts of hatred sound widespread and diverse in the cause; it is the indifference and ruthlessness that an individual portrays. This sort of behavior accommodates society and encourages people to accept and follow its routine and principles, such as the events that took place during the Holocaust. During the time period of 1933 to 1945, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian World War I veteran, decided to partake in twisted behavior. Hitler believed that in order to do his nation justice, the nation needed an ethnic cleansing. This ethnic cleansing involved choosing to degrade and torture the lives of millions of people and most of these people were Jews. However, not only did he kill and demean a certain group of people, he also encouraged others to follow behind him in his hatred. During the Holocaust people treated the Jews as if they were inferior human beings, or rather, animals as they were thrown in concentration camps under strict supervision and ripped from the arms of their loved ones (History). This horrific event, still today, does not seem to elude the memories and the thoughts of many Jews or those of anyone else whom were affected by this event. The events of the Holocaust changed the modern world’s perspective on human rights by demonstrating how cruel, remorseless, and apathetic humans can be. Realization. The beginning step in every conflict of…

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