The Tragedy Of The Titanic

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April 14, 1912, proved to be a horrendous night where a total of 1,503 men, women, and children met their fate during the last hours of the Titanic. Less than a few hours the largest ocean liner that was ever built would be at the bottom of the ocean. It’s never to be seen again until 73 years later when the wreckage was finally discovered. The people who died perished in the deep ocean water, never to be seen, but they would be a part of the history that would live on forever in our hearts. Unaware of this would ever happen is the passengers on board the Titanic. Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker, 12, boarded the Titanic at Southampton, England was one of them. Ruth was traveling with her mother Nellie, brother Richard, and sister Marion from…show more content…
Nellie stated. “Yes, mother,” the girls said with a bit of manner than before. “Ruth I trust you with Marion and please look after her while I take care of your brother,” Mrs.Nellie said. “Yes Ma’am,” Ruth replied. Ruth was the eldest child in her family and was often seen as a role model by her parents for her younger siblings, Marion, five and Richard, one. She didn’t take this responsibility too seriously. Ruth believes that she could only be a kid once in her lifetime and she should enjoy their time as a child with no responsibility. As a 12-year-old girl, Ruth has curly brown hairs with matching hazel eyes. She never really cares about what she wears in public and had a carefree personality. As the family enters the grand Titanic they were greeted by their stewardess, Margaret. The Titanic was indeed the most luxurious ship. “As far as I can see, there is sparkling furniture everywhere,” Ruth said. “I told you,” Marion beamed proudly. Shortly after the encounter with Margaret, the Beckers were brought to their 2nd class cabin and was told by Margaret that the voyage to New York is going to take seven days and they should rest by then. Soon after, Margaret brought lunch to the Beckers’ door. After the Beckers finish their lunch Mrs.Nellie put Richard in bed. Ruth and Marion then went out and explore the Titanic. “Do you think the Titanic would ever sink?” Marion suddenly
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