The Tragedy Of The Trans Atlantic Trade Of Africa

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1.1 - Maafa

Throughout history, Africa has been subjugated to multiple waves of its that clash at its innate sense of oneness. No more had one wave caused as much damage, than that of the disaster of the Trans Atlantic trade of Africans. This disaster has been unequivocally understood as one of the worst acts against humanity in recorded history. One of the many scholars that have come to study the traumas left behind by this episode in history, has been Mama Marimba Ani. Marimba Ani coined the term Maafa to encapsulate this field of interest. Maafa is the Kswahili (Swahili) word for disaster. In studying the Maafa, a focus is concentrated on the effects that the European ideal of capitalism has had directly on Africa as a continent, but also gives attention to the factors that led to this ideal just like how any analysis of history looks at the cause and effect of an event.

The reason Maafa is important is that upon the rediscovery of Africa’s history prior to its oppressive influence, it also shines light on the bad seeds which were planted, and that has led to the Africa’s underdevelopment and the distortions that these seeds have caused by the growth of these weeds becoming rooted in the institutions and the psyche that world has become accustomed to today. Maafa is focuses on tracing and removing these roots in the hopes of nourishing the growth of not just Africa’s mind-state, but the overall Worldview. This is significant because it assists in the restoration of
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