The Tragedy Of The War On Terror

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Throughout the history of our great country we have had very tragic incidents happen, and things we wish we could forget and discard them from our history just like other certain nations. One of the many tragic historical events are assassinations of important political figures and pop icons. Or other events like 9/11 and the Columbine school massacre which drastically affected the future of our country. On 9/11 we were thrusted into the war on terror, and for Columbine we had to make gun control for a nation that is so hell bent on the second amendment that it’s still hard to get legislation through. As for assassinations, we look at people like Lincoln. This great man who did so much for this country yet had to die due to the outlook on slavery. Although when you really look at his death it was not as bad because the Civil War had already ended and we were on our way to reconstruct the South. But when you look at someone like JFK it is very drastic. At a time where tensions were rising with the threat of communism and the Civil Rights Movement and him being a young president who a lot of people resonated with, that it was such a huge hit on America at this influential point in time that made his death a tragedy. This really shaped the way Americans thought about their government, and whether what they tell us is the truth or a bag of lies or fact versus fiction. The assassination of one of the most Mandato 2 important political leaders of the twentieth century
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