The Tragedy Of The War On Terror

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Throughout the history of our great country we have had very tragic incidents happen, and things we wish we could forget and discard them from our history just like other certain nations. One of the many tragic historical events are assassinations of important political figures and pop icons. Or other events like 9/11 and the Columbine school massacre which drastically affected the future of our country. On 9/11 we were thrusted into the war on terror, and for Columbine we had to make gun control for a nation that is so hell bent on the second amendment that it’s still hard to get legislation through. As for assassinations, we look at people like Lincoln. This great man who did so much for this country yet had to die due to the outlook on …show more content…
Oswald was only a marksmen when he took the shot. So who really took the fatal shot on that fateful day on November 22, 1963. Was it Oswald or something going much farther down the rabbit hole.

My opponents against my beliefs want to believe that there was only one shooter in the plaza that day, and that he was the only one that fired the 3 shots from the Texas School Book Depository within those 6 seconds. The people who support the Warren Commision Report’s theory of the Single Bullet/Magic Bullet Theory, who even Robert Kennedy said it was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship,” and 3 other people on the commission 's expressed doubts (JFK Mandato 3 'Magic Bullet Theory ' In Spotlight On Anniversary Of President Kennedy 's Assassination). Which defies the laws of physics, and you can tell the government was trying their best to cover up the possibilities of any conspiracy theory. The Warren Commision also believes that Oswald himself was capable of such a task because of his experience in the military. Which is impossible due to his grade, and that fact that he was a radar technician learning Russian. Another reason these claims of a lone gunmen do not make sense is because of where Oswald 's position was. He was on the sixth floor of the depository and had a perfect shot onto Houston street before he went down Elm street. (“Motorcade Positions”). As you can see the

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