The Tragedy Of William Shakespeare 's Othello

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In this life that we live, many different individuals go about their business without considering the individual struggles that they have to deal with. According to, a struggle is defined as, “a forceful/violent attempt or effort to get free from restraint or contrition”. Some of these personal struggles are more pronounced than other. From Othello, the tragedy by William Shakespeare, we can see how humans are faced with individual contentions, and their daily actions are ways and efforts of trying to free themselves. In the discussion below we consider Othello’s struggle with being different, gullibility, timidity, inferiority, pride and selfishness and Iago’s conniving personality, hate, greed, manipulation, selfishness and slander

Talking about human contrition, Othello’s life is without doubt as presented, is with many great successes. He is introduced as a great soldier with many victories and a reputable general from a royal family, “From men of royal siege, and my demerits”, (1.11.21). Notwithstanding such achievements, he struggles with the fact that he is a black moor among the Venetian whites. This aspect of difference makes him stand out but also as an easy target. Additionally, either because of his origin or his upbringing Othello comes as one struggling with gullibility. When he saw Cassio leave the company of Desdemona, other than calling him back to confirm whether it was he, he dismisses it saying, “I don’t believe ‘twas he”, (3.3.43).
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