The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

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I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I was walking through the common room and the TV was turned on to a news station that was reporting what was happening at the school. I remember not being the only one who was clearly upset at what occurred. There were also other students gathering around the TV watching the TV waiting for updates and talking about what had happened. When I heard that Kaitlin Roig was going to speak at Westfield I knew I had to go to hear her speak. I had to hear her speak because I wanted to not only hear about her experience but I also knew that she would give helpful advice about being a teacher. I want to be a teacher and I knew that I could use all the advice I could get not only about how to be an excellent teacher but also about how the experience that her and many others went through had an impact on their lives. As a result, I went to see her speak and I will never forget the presentation that she gave to the Westfield community. I learned a lot from her presentation and there were many things she said that were important to me. In addition, she taught the community about how important empathy and social skills are in shaping the world. There were many topics that Mrs. Roig talked about that meant a lot to me. The first thing that she said that was important to me was that a teacher should be someone who makes a positive difference in the lives of his/her students
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