Essay about The Tragedy of Child Abuse

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Each day in the United States more than three children die as a result of child abuse (Giardino, 2010). This statistic is too high and there need to be changes to overcome this problem. As a parent you are expected to take of your children and treat them the right way. This is not always the case and children end up being abused in the home were they are supposed to feel safe. Changes need to be made to medical awareness to help keep children safe.
Imagine being a child abused constantly by an adult who should be taking care of them. Instead you’re neglected, beaten, slapped, burned, or even molested. Since the advocates are the main ones performing the disservices somebody else must speak up, speak out for them. That’s where healthcare
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Child abuse or neglect includes sexual abuse or sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation includes the following conduct by a person responsible for the child’s welfare: Allowing, permitting, or encouraging a child to engage in prostitution. Allowing, permitting, or encouraging a child to engage in actual or simulated activities of a sexual nature that are prohibited by criminal statute. Emotional abuse is mental injury means a serious injury to the child as evidenced by an observable and substantial impairment in the child’s ability to function in a developmentally appropriate manner and the existence of that impairment is supported by the opinion of a qualified expert witness.” (Giardino, 2010). “Abandonment is the failure of the parent to provide reasonable support and to maintain regular contact with the child, including; providing normal supervision such as that of a parent has made only minimal efforts to support and communicate with the child. Exceptions of child abuse are the religious healing practitioner is not required to report as neglect of a child the failure to provide medical attention to the child if the child is provided treatment solely by spiritual means through prayer in accordance with the tenets and

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