Why Is Medea Not In Crisis

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Medea is a tragic Greek story opening up with a crisis. Medea is a widow in an emotional wreck. There is a reason why she is like this but there is always more to it than meets the eye. So what is the meaning of this play why does she act this way? All the sources seem to think that the Gods made her do it and her love passion. In the Medea play it starts with her having a crisis. Her husband Jason has divorced her and remarried. She is raising her two sons alone now. The nurse and tutor are taking care of the children while media is in agonizing grief. She wants revenge because Jason hurt her. She feels betrayed and lonely. She will go as far as it takes to get revenge. The nurse try’s to console her and tries to get her to think rationally. She decides to go on with her plan any ways. First she manipulates Jason’s new wife with gifts. Then she kills the children so Jason feels the same pain she does. She has no remorse for what she did. There are many versions of Medea. One of them is the Euripides plays. In these plays
Medea is not in crisis in the beginning. She is seen as human before she loses her humanity.
This is different from the book version because in the book she is in crisis in the beginning. She also is not seen as human but as an emotional wreck. We slowly see in these plays her witchcraft and passion. In these plays you see the change from her having it all together to her going into madness. This allows us to see who she was before grief
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