The Tragedy of Miss Emily's Life

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The tragedy of Miss Emily’s life is a common reality that was repeated in the lives of many belles in post civil war United States. A combination of lack of options for women to enhance their lives and the snobbish character of the higher classes in society doomed ladies to a life of waiting for the much sought for suitor. The higher class women, by reason of their upbringing, were schooled not to accept for a husband any man that did not have a certain amount in material possessions. So strenuous was this training and its implementation by well meaning aunts and mothers, that the young women could be depended upon to see to it without any assistance when they attained the years of adulthood. If Miss Grierson had been born to a more…show more content…
In the 1890’s, women did not have the choice to vote. They were not encouraged to develop interests outside the homes. Schools that purported to cater to their educational pursuits focused on how to receive visitors and serve husbands and children. Intelligent brains were left to dull in environments that encouraged nothing more than idleness and idiocy. It is no wonder that the majority of them became snide and judgmental. Outwardly hitting at something they could not identify to protest at their minds being constrained by society’s requirements. Of all women, society ladies were the most constrained. They could not attend proper schools or engage in trades to benefit themselves. Middle and lower class women could at least attempt to start a business since they were deemed as possessing no dignities worthy of shielding (Mc Cutcheon, 115). In this way, they could feed themselves and develop some measure of independence. Higher class women had to marry rich in order to achieve both money and a name. They were taught that meekness and a simpering attitude were the right characteristics to embrace. These would achieve the attentions of powerful men who would then seek to ‘protect’ them. Emily Grierson adopted such a pose. She did not get her promised price. In the final analysis, the same society that insisted she adopt the said characteristics, judged her for not having a husband. She was helpless in her snobbish
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