The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?” (2.2. 36), could be one of the most well known quotes from Shakespeare’s tragic and romantic play Romeo and Juliet. In this quote, Juliet is asking why Romeo has to be a Montague; she cannot marry him because he is a family enemy. In the end of the story, the two lovers are finally joined together by taking their own lives. Although it was their choice to die, there were many people who influenced them into taking such a path. The strategy of Friar Lawrence, the poor advice of the nurse to Juliet and the Capulet’s plan for Juliet to marry Paris led to Romeo and Juliet’s death. The Friar’s faulty plan to join Romeo and Juliet led to their death. Romeo and Juliet fall in love despite their family’s constant feud. Both of them knew they could not be together because of their family’s hatred of one another; however, they fall in love. After being together for just a few short hours, they decide to get married. Romeo went to the Friar’s cell to ask him to marry he and Juliet. In the beginning, the Friar wanted nothing to do with this marriage but he saw it as a way of ending the feud and then changed his mind. He says, “Come, young waverer, come, go with me. In one respect all thy assistant be, for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your household rancor into pure love.” (2.3. 96-98). With that, the Friar agreed to marry them, hoping to end the feud between the two families. Shortly after this, Romeo was banished from the city for
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