The Tragedy of the Holocaust and How it Developed Essay

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We have all seen the movies. Improbable situations, villains, heroes and of course just like all great movies, good always triumphs over evil. What would happen if the hero just sat back and let the villain win? Evil would overcome good, not to mention everyone who depended on the hero would be in danger. Although our everyday lives may not consist of evil villains and heroes in tights, they have been filled with good and evil. The only difference is good does not always prevail. Time and time again we have witnessed acts of terror and vice, one of the most renowned being the Holocaust. Over six million Jews were brutally murdered in Europe. How did the world let this happen? Sir Edmund Burke summed it up by saying, “All that is necessary …show more content…
America received numbers of reports stating claims of Jews being murdered in concentration camps all across Europe, but swept them under the rug. American’s like Breckinridge Long, the head of the State Department, strongly opposed letting more Jewish immigrants into America. Through his exaggerated testimonies of how many Jews were actually being let into the country, laws were passed that drastically affected the ones still living in Europe. Visas were postponed leaving many Jews stranded, crushing their last resort for hope; America. Numerous Americans saw the destruction our immigration laws were causing and tried to show that we needed to help the Jews. Henry Morganthal started a Jewish pageant that toured five major cities in order to raise awareness of the Jews horrid fate. Finally, in 1944 after over 4 years of staying silent, President Roosevelt passed the War Refuge Board. This was a plan to rescue all of the Jews being held captive. Although this plan of action saved over 200,000 Jews, it was activated a little to late compared to the six million lost over the years before. We, who could have been the hero, sat back and watched as innocent victims of violence and evil were over powered. America knew of the severity of the situation but still chose to ignore it. Because of this, millions suffered and although we could not see it, it was very much real. It is lived out

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