The Tragedy within the Success

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The Tragedy within the Success In 1492 the Spanish being led by Christopher Columbus set voyage looking for a new trade route to Asia, instead he discovered the New World. This day is known as “Discovery Day.” Over the years, this day has evoked several different reactions. Parades and events have been cancelled in order to prevent a clash between participants and Native Americans. The conquest of the Americas was no longer being seen as a monumental success, but now being seen as the tragedy that occurred to reach that success. During the conquest of the New World explorers came in and captured islands in which natives already possessed. In Christopher Columbus’s journal you read, “The Admiral called to the two captains and to the others who had jumped ashore and to Rodrigo Descobedo, the escrivano of the whole fleet, and to Rodrigo Sanchez de Segovia; and he said that they should be witnesses that, in the presence of all, he would take, as in fact he did take, possession of the said island for the king and for the queen his lords, making the declarations that were required, and which at more length are contained in the testimonials made there in writing” (8). Without permission, treaty, or compromise, they step on foreign land to them and claim it. Not only do they come in and take of what is not theirs, but they come here to convert the natives of this land to Christians. These men have Christian values and morals, but they took apart of acts of force, violence, and
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