The Tragic Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo was a young man who lived in Verona, Italy. He was an intelligent, good-looking, and sensitive boy. Also, Romeo was the son and heir of the Montague family. As a young boy, Romeo fell in love with a noble girl named Rosaline that did not love him back. Romeo was sad about it, but decided to go to the Capulet Party with Mercutio. Romeo meet Juliet at the Capulet Party. After that, Romeo fell deeply in love with Juliet, but could not be together since their families were enemies. However, Romeo and Juliet decided to run away to be together with the help of Friar Lawrence. Because of a letter, failed to get to Romeo about Juliet’s plan, he believed that Juliet was really dead as he saw her in her casket, not able to believe she died. Romeo
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