The Tragic Hero Of King Arthur

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During the years that King Arthur ruled over England, his reign is always remembered as a time of peace, a golden age, a great era, and a glorious time. However, this all comes to a halt, when two of Arthur’s most noble knights bring an affair into the open, causing his round table and kingdom to fall and bringing Arthur to his death. Written by Sir Thomas Malory in the latter half of the 15th century, books 20 and 21 of Morte D’Arthur (Death of Arthur) describe how over time, the tragic hero, King Arthur slowly loses control over his kingdom due to his ignorance, leading to a few errors in judgement that inevitably lead him to his own demise and to the passing of the great era that was the reign of the legendary King Arthur. King Arthur is a tragic hero due to his ignorance, overly trusting manner, and the careless mistakes that he makes during his time as king.
Perhaps Arthur’s biggest error in in judgement had been when he chose to ignore his suspicions of the affair, for “Sir Lancelot had done so much for him and for the Queen so many times that…[he] loved him passingly well” (Malory 441). This showed the great amount of loyalty that was shared between the king and his best knight. Had Arthur acknowledged the affair before Agravain and Mordred informed him, he could have put a stop to it, or found a better solution, and not jumped into the war that would pave the path to Arthur’s untimely demise. This war is foreshadowed when Gawain warns Agravain, “for and there arise
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