The Tragic Hero Of Sophocles ' Antigone

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Greek and Shakespearean tragedies have influenced the modern world of literature. One of the authors at the forefront of Greek tragedies was Sophocles. One of Sophocles most famous pieces of work is, Antigone. Written in 440 B.C in Athens, Greece, Sophocles uses this play to dramatize a series of events that unfolds when pride becomes more important than loyalty to family. Controversy still remains today of whom the tragic hero of Antigone is, but some scholars believe that Antigone herself is the tragic hero. Antigone goes past conventional expectations to stand up for her brother, Polyneikes. The decision to defy the orders of her Uncle, Kreon, proves her loyalty true, but ultimately leads her to death. Centuries later in England, during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare surfaced and starting writing Shakespearean tragedies. Hamlet, one of his most well known works, shows the control the desire of revenge can have. Hamlet, the tragic hero, plans to avenge his father’s death at all cost. The female characters of both of these tragedies play a pivotal role within the stories. The women of Antigone and Hamlet operate within a male centric society but the women profoundly affect the plot through their actions and their deaths. As the story of Hamlet unfolds we are introduced to two main female characters: Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, and Ophelia, the Lord Chamberlain’s daughter. Gertrude has just remarried Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, immediately following the tragic
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