The Tragic Hero: The Fall Of Nicolas Cage

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Most tragic heroes are in books or in movies as fictional characters. However, they do exist in real life and one of the is Nicolas Cage (This is also ironic because he is an actor for hollywood.) Nicolas Cage has fallen from grace not by drug abuse of etcetera. Instead, he fell from grace due to his massive debts. He did this by being ignorant about his own spending and how taxes work. Throughout his lifetime he bought at least 15 houses on which he did not pay taxes for. In 2012, he paid off £3.9million but the demanded the money for 2008. Cage still owed the tax office £4.3million from 2008 in 2012. This fall of grace allows the tax office to take all of his remaining assets until he pays off his debts. This is not the usual fall from grace
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