The Tragic Plight Of The Native American Culture

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The tragic plight of the Native American culture can be traced back to the times of Christopher Columbus. The Italian explorer, who was on a mission from Spain, was the first to meet these native people he incorrectly called “Indians.” These people had been living on the North American continent for thousands of years. The settlers arriving in America to start a new life would end up pushing the Native American population further from their native lands and further from their traditional way of life. The history of the Native Americans is one filled with unspeakable horrors perpetrated upon them by those who came to America to find a New World. The Native Indians were the first humans to settle on American soil. Anthropological studies and archeological research provide evidence that all Native Americans are descended from people that made a migration from Siberia over the Bering Strait and into the Americas (Native American). The “Bering Land Bridge Theory” proposes that they came across the land bridge following the animals they hunted for food and clothing. This land bridge, which connected the continents of Asia and North America, is the current location of the Bering Strait. Today, this is the closest location between Russia and the United States and is only 52 miles wide. This theory was first proposed in 1590 by José de Acosta and has been widely accepted since the 1930s (Land Bridge Theory). Although the land bridge theory is the generally accepted method of…
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