The Tragic Tragedy Of Antigone By William Shakespeare

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In the play, Antigone, one of the main characters made some life-changing decisions that would end up leading to sacrificing her own life. This main character being Antigone. In this tragic play, it evidently seems as if she is portrayed as someone who is different from everyone else. Unlike the rest of the characters, she is an independent woman and is beautiful in her own unique way, however, she has made some costly mistakes, which is always found to be startling; although she utilizes herself to bring her the peace she ironically needs. Subsequently, one may think that her actions speak in regards to her gruesome character, but essentially, she is the ultimate true hero in this case. Antigone gets numerous attention for what she wrongly did, but she represents the feminine law of the household, as well as, showing her defiance toward Creon’s laws and her tragedy will rest, but will more importantly reflect on her rebellion to not give up on her spirit.

Antigone asserts herself to not be perceivably judged for being a woman. The focal point of this play is vigorously highlighted amongst the conflict between masculine and feminine. Creon illustrates as a man of his own power and says, “Whoever is chosen to govern should be obeyed--- must be obeyed, in all things, great and small, just and unjust!” (8). Creon shows that he is the king of who is the one in charge who gives orders and expects one to do them immediately. He is inferring this to how Antigone disapproves of any
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