The Trail Is Dark And Mysterious

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The trail was always dark and mysterious; created originally by the adventurous and kept open by the curious and also the foolish. It was uncanny how many knows about such a path without the guidance of cobblestones or wooden signs. How can one find the path on this side of the island, when even light itself does not travel here? Follow the waves, they say. The sound of the ocean brushing against the sand will be your compass, to sate oneʼs longings for nocturnal escapade. They also say it is best to use the moon as a guide, using his rays to peek through the jealous trees to navigate your adventures. But the trees were fickle things, always so jealous and envious of the sun and the moon. So jealous that humans loved to bask in their rays…show more content…
On a night like this, there was only one clear path to get to the ocean, and only fools would try to go there at night. Everybody already called her a fool already so why beat around the bush? Performing the task was more complicated than the thought itself. It was something that was scorned, just like little girls climbing trees. You know the saying right? That the tree will stop bearing fruit? She never quite figured how that myth started. After getting caught in a mango tree by her grandmother, the memory of that punishment could never be erased. The next summer, the fruits came a little late, and there were few. Her grandmother blames her to this day. Before venturing towards the beach, her shoes were left behind to pay tribute to the beginning of this journey. Bare feet became intimate with the cold ground of red soil that transitioned into red petals and tiny green leaves, which were daily offerings from the poinciana trees that hugged each other, encircling the surroundings like a cocoon. ! There were nights where people had seen the trees shaking in merriment with no help from natureʼs wind to share the joke with the whole forest. There were other nights of people discovering women lost in complete shock, their voices stolen in the night air. Then of men found half dead narrowly escaping the waterʼs bitter grip. One
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