The Training And Development Part Of The Strategic Human Resource Management

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1 .Introduction
Due to the globalization as well as the world wide economic integration, many enterprises tend to turn into a boundaryless organisation which will offer them flexibility and creativity in response to the continuously changing business world. However, there are still some new problem occurs when making those boundaries vanish. Our aim is to discuss all the existing and potential challenges of this new boundaryless organisation system and try to find out the solution to these problems based on the training and development part of the Strategic Human Resource Management.

2. Boundaryless Organisation and Its Following Challenges The concept of ‘boundaryless organisation’ was first put forward by former General Electric chairman Jack Welch in order to help his company adapt to the business environment changes , owing to the globalisation of the worldwide economy as well as the consequent technological innovation. As opinions of Askenas et al. (1995) show, there are 4 types of boundaries: vertical boundaries, horizontal boundaries, external boundaries and geographical boundaries. In the old days, traditional enterprises would make full use of these four boundaries to make the company stable and well-organised. However, it is under the tendency of globally economic integration that those boundaries had become barriers to the modern enterprises’ development. In response to the continuously changing business environment, Jack Welch tried his best to break
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