The Training Fundamental Doctrine Of Developing Leaders

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Self-development It is our duty to the profession to educate ourselves. We can learn Army doctrine, policy, and regulation by reading. Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) and Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 7-0 will teach us structure and focus how to train. This will allow us to understand the procedures in training fundamental doctrine of developing leaders. Understanding these two publications will support how to develop programs in the Operational and Institutional domains. Recommending readings for Senior Leaders should be the following at a minimum: Army Regulation (AR) 350–1, Army Training, and Leader Development; ADRP 7-0, Training Units and Developing Leaders; ADP 7-0; Training Units and Developing Leaders; AR…show more content…
This is why at all levels we need to teach balance. Balance the importance of training and educating young Soldiers resilience and establish specific, measurable, action-focused, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Along with balancing teaching young Leaders how to protect the force by removing the Soldiers who demonstrate a lack of potential early into their enlistments. The Institutional Domain is also, where Senior Military Leaders can change the culture of Leaders taking enlisted separations and legal issues with more importance and priorities. Changing the culture is the most viable way to establish proficiency and accuracy in downsizing the Army force. Change As Senior Leaders, we must become educated and establish leadership development programs to preserve the standards and discipline required to maintain a high effective fighting force. We must follow the Leader development model and institute training within all three of the Development Domains. ADRP 7-0 (2012) states, “Leader development comprises training, education, and experience gained in schools, while assigned to organizations, and through the individual’s own program of self-development” (p.1-2). Recommended policy change is to exclude separation pay from demoted Soldiers. This will save the Army money, reinforce
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