The Training Involved With Social Skills Essay

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In current years, the training involved with social skills has become prominent in the procedure of psychiatric rehabilitation, and it has also been extensively propagated. The most well-known promoter associated with training of skills is Robert Liberman. He has designed methodical and planned skills training since the year 1970. He along with colleagues put together the training of skills in the form of modules having diverse topics. These modules highlight the management of medication, management of symptoms, management of substance abuse, necessary skills of communication, solving the interpersonal problems, intimacy, and friendship, leisure, and recreation, fundamentals of the workplace, involvements of families and community. Each module comprises different skills areas that are taught in the exercises with the help of demonstration role play, videos along with the activities of problem solving as well as homework assignments (Ben-Zeev, et al., 2013). The outcomes of a number of controlled studies propose that the individuals who are disabled can be educated with an extensive range of societal skills. Community and social functioning gets improved when the skills that are taught are significant for the daily activities of the patients and the surroundings visions and strengthens the altered behavior. Unlike the effects of medication, benefits from the training of skills occur gradually. Furthermore, there is a need to provide long-term training for obtaining the
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