The Trains Of Treblinka Which Carried The Prized Possessions Of The Most Horrible Events

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The holocaust can be regarded as one of the most awful events in history and the swastika continues to be a constant reminder of the horrendous acts of hate that were bestowed onto human lives. More than 1 million people were brutally murdered at the hands of an evil dictator named Adolf Hitler. Some of the vivid events and actions that took place during this time have been highlighted in the poem “The Trains” written by William Heyen. Heyen discusses the trains of Treblinka which carried the prized possessions of the many people who had been dropped off to death and/or concentration camps. In the poem, the author attempts to appeal to audiences of the 21st century around the world who do not fully understand the horrific incidents that occurred during the holocaust and the tragedy inflicted on its victims. Throughout the years curiosity regarding the holocaust has become more evident in the 21st century as people across the globe anxiously learn about the events that took place in Germany during World War II. The importance of this event is not only being taught to Americans and people of the Jewish religion, but it is also being taught in other parts of the world. The popularity of knowledge being obtained regarding the holocaust grows: books, documentaries, and poems. Poems, like that of William Heyen’s “The Trains”, are being introduced to the generations in the 21st century. Heyen pinpoints the curiosity of his audience to make them want to learn about the holocaust
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