The Trait Theory Of Leadership

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The trait approach (Theory of Leadership) is the view that people are born with the traits of leadership and that these traits are inherited. This means that leadership theory has evolved from an emphasis on traits and behavioral styles (Germain, 2012). According to Northouse (2013) trait approach does not actually provide a definitive set of traits, but rather it provides direction regarding which traits are good to have if one aspires to a leadership position. This means that leadership traits are not transferred. In the past, attention was put in identifying these traits by studying other successful leaders. However, the focus then was not finding ways to teach these “skills” to people so that they develop to become leaders, but was…show more content…
The company has about 1,000 employees. However, as a result of reorganization, sandra faces the challenge of choosing a new director of research who will report directly to her. The new director of research will be responsible for developing and testing new products. The pressure to choose a director became intense on Sandra from the president and board of GLF because the company neededto improveits overall growth and productivity. Following this development, Sandra identified three candidates for the plum job. Each of these candidates were at the managerial level with strong credentials. Alexa Smith is one of them, having worked at GLF for a long time. She has worked in 10 different positions in the companyto become manager of new product marketing. In terms of performance, she is very creative and insightful, she has accomplished a lot at GLF: developed and broughtfour new product lines to market. She is persistent abouther work (ensures and stays until her project is completed). Kelsey Metts is another candidate who has been with GLF for five years. Kelsy is very bright and holds an MBA degree from Havard. Kelsy is very passionable and ambitious. In terms of performance; she is scored extra-hugh on sociability and human relations. She is enjoyed
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